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Sink or Swims for Men and Women

For those whose shoes are as much a statement as they are a utility, Swims-The Modern Galosh has you covered. Swims offers an easy, protective solution to users by instantly making it easier to grip an otherwise slippery surface better than a traditional sole. Additionally, Swims also protects the majority of the shoe from those […]

Attaining the Perfect Paint Color

Do you want to paint your room the color of your bath towels? How about the red of your Cartier gift box? Paint dealers now have the technology to match any color you bring to them. The old-fashioned way is to bring a swatch of the color to a paint retailer and find a similar […]

Spring 2009 Runway Trends

InStyle Magazine and Saks Fifth Avenue always seem to keep up with the latest runway trends that eventually spill in to our own closets. See what’s new and what’s next for Spring 2009! Boyfriend Blazers: Spring’s jackets are borrowed from the boys, but feminized with soft silhouettes and splashes of color. They aren’t buttoned up […]

For the Builder: The Gen Y Home Buyers

Technology is critical to working successfully with the Y generation. Although different groups and individuals consider different ranges of years as constituting Generation Y, those ranges of years are almost always within the outer bounds of 1976 as the earliest possible year and 2001 as the latest.In sheer numbers, Gen Y, or the Millennial Generation, […]

An Extraordinary Local Collaboration

What do a master European mechanical engineer and a California born-and-raised interior designer and author have in common? Schooling? Clientele? Not necessarily—try a passion for furniture—high-end contemporary Italian-made furniture to be precise. Since moving to the Untied States in September 1998, Dmitriy Aks has pursued his vision to bring high quality Italian furniture to his […]

Evolution of Color for 2009

What makes one color more popular over another when color forecasting? Color preferences for a season reflect the chemistry linked between culture, commerce an science while new ideas shade our internal spectrum and new technologies fill our vision. Try combining the colors of the below unique color combinations created by Sherwin Williams to discover a […]