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An Extraordinary Local Collaboration

What do a master European mechanical engineer and a California born-and-raised interior designer and author have in common? Schooling? Clientele? Not necessarily—try a passion for furniture—high-end contemporary Italian-made furniture to be precise. Since moving to the Untied States in September 1998, Dmitriy Aks has pursued his vision to bring high quality Italian furniture to his […]

Evolution of Color for 2009

What makes one color more popular over another when color forecasting? Color preferences for a season reflect the chemistry linked between culture, commerce an science while new ideas shade our internal spectrum and new technologies fill our vision. Try combining the colors of the below unique color combinations created by Sherwin Williams to discover a […]

Peace Out, Dude!

With a ray of hope on the horizon, now is the perfect time for the peace sign to resurface. Originally an anti-nuclear symbol, the iconic motif just marked its 50th birthday. The peace sign has traveled a long way since the hippie days of the ’60s, with the current incarnation shifting in style towards fresh […]

Seoul City: South Korea’s Capital is Design Central

While flying back from Park City, Utah, I came across an article in Delta’s Magazine about how South Korea’s capital, Seoul City, is reinventing itself to become “the new design central”. Roger Toll tells the story and I would like to share it with you. Fifty years ago, the capital of South Korea was a […]

Trendwatch: The Look of Luxury

Even in this economy, the market has not abandoned the look of luxury. As we approach 2010, consumers just ask for an extra helping of intrinsic value through the industry’s latest boudoir look. Luxury items now must pass through a filter that justifies the purchase with relation to price, quality and service. Pieces found at […]

Trendwatch: Grain Sack Upholstery

Originally used to transport grains and beans, grain sack fabrics were woven by hand from naturally grown, retted and spun yarns. Heavyweight and with a thick, dense hand, older cloths took days to weave. These days designers are taking the vintage look to a new level by using the grain sacks as upholstery. Check out […]