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Trendwatch: Lucky Four Leaf Clover

Another trendwatch from the Las Vegas World Market included a favorite Gothic architectural detail–the four leaf clover or quatrefoil motif. Peaking during Renaissance periods, this detail can still be seen today on churches and cathedrals. It is commonly displayed at the top of a Gothic arch or within stained glass windows. Now, it has found […]

New Materials in Lighting

Just returning from Las Vegas World Market, it is clear to see that lighting designers are daring to use a variety of materials. From scrap timber to metal mesh, enticing raw materials shape this year’s most engaging fixtures and portables. At this Winter’s Market, designers reveal the esoteric inspiration behind their choice of ingredients and […]

Personalized Linens and Papers

Nothing personalizes a gift, table, stationery or home like a monogram. Traditional monograms — created through engraving, embroidery, and etching — have always been associated with a class of people who used talented artisans to create their mark. This symbol registered their ranking in the social hierarchy. Whether the monogram was heraldic, the emblem of […]

Rooms You Can Use

To look at most decorating magazines and TV shows, you would think that rooms are meant to be seen and not used. In fact, often the picture you see is not how the room looks most of the time. The contents have been rearranged, possibly even enhanced, to improve the composition of the picture. Once […]

A Historic Road Trip

One of America’s most popular road trips, a drive along Central California’s coastline, is a staple of relaxed California living. Once a weekend getaway for Hollywood legends like Rita Hayworth and Cary Grant, California’s central coast offers the laid-back rustic feel of the 1930s and 40s—with modern updates and restorations for today’s traveler. Stops along […]

A Brilliant Luxury

Last fall, on a trip to celebrate a friend’s birthday, I found myself at a loss for a gift. For someone who has everything, what could I possibly offer of any value? Then I had a brilliant idea: write a handwritten note, the ultimate personalized gift. To be sure, a letter is a gift in […]