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The White House Influence

This past Fall, when Michelle Obama made an appearance in St. Paul, Minnesota during the 2008 election season in a purple dress, she almost single-handedly assured us that this popular color, now called a “new neutral”, would not be played out anytime soon. And for her President husband, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and virtually […]

Palazzo Giuseppe’s New Year’s Eve Delight

For almost 20 years, Giuseppe’s restaurants have been known throughout the Central Coast—and beyond—for great wine and Italian food. Giuseppe’s Ristorante in Pismo Beach, California was found in 1988 as a senior project endeavor at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo for Giuseppe Difronzo. Years later, he opened a location in downtown San Luis Obispo as […]

Let’s Stay In!

When the temperature drops, sometimes all you want to do is snuggle up at home—and that is okay. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean spend the evening in frumpy sweatpants or your Lanz nightgown. Staying in can mean, “Let’s reconnect, be creative and relax without all the expense.” Try the following ideas next time you choose […]

She is So Real!

Fortunately, I am blessed enough to be surrounded by people who I consider to be “the real deal”. I have a best friend who I can call and tell it like it is without being judged; a relationship where no holds are barred on any level; a mentor who is so authentically herself it is […]

Patience Breeds True Style

Although many of us are certain about our tastes, we can be educated, we can elevate our tastes and we can learn to judge good design. To do so, we must first understand our own lifestyle, the needs of our surroundings, and what choices are available in terms of style and material for every element […]

Oh Fiddlestix!

While touring the Central Coast, one can’t resist the urge to taste when surrounded by so many notable wineries. On New Year’s weekend, I discovered a new Pinot Noir that is bold and smooth all at the same time—it is my new favorite vino for 2009! Between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, Kathy Joseph […]